Tiny Houses are magnificent these days.  When you see them, it’s easy to be surprised and smile about perfectly diminutive homes — and then think they won’t fit in your world.

However tinies can be appreciated and used in many different ways. Why not escape into them part-time, rather than full-time?

Should I Live In A Tiny House - Grist.orgTake a test to see if you lean tiny house (Grist.org)

Our goal at Tiny House Joy is to help you appreciate all kinds of tiny houses, including their eye-catching styles, decor and uses. No shacks here.

We want to be your reliable curator of tiny homes and features. After all, it’s enjoyable to ponder architecture, kitchens, living rooms and sleeping options.

Think about tiny houses as a place of pure joy, whether you plan to live, travel, work or play in them. They are lovely, accessible and far more than a dream.

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