how much hot water

You might be interested in some hot water for your bathroom and kitchen needs, right? It’s time to learn about water heaters and more.

One water heater fits a tiny house. (Suburban Manufacturing)

One water heater fits a tiny house. (Suburban Manufacturing)

Water heater needs

For houses on wheels, we suggest a 10 gallon minimum, tankless and on-demand water heater because it fits the limited space and supplies two showers before re-heating again. In slightly larger houses, consider installing a 12 or 16 gallon model for a little more hot water capacity.

One standard bearer, Suburban, works with propane or electricity and offers a safer, direct spark vs. pilot option. Once the hot water is depleted, it recovers at 10.2 gallons per hour which the maker claims as “fastest in the industry.”

The Suburban unit and cover seem to be sold everywhere. We would be remiss in not mentioning other popular makers, including Atwood and Girard, for comparison shopping.

Water in, water out

In — A small, legal home on a foundation usually connects into the property’s on-grid municipal water service or independent well. A house on wheels taps into these sources via a pressurized garden hose or may fill its fresh water holding tank anywhere. (Off-grid water deserves a separate post.)

Out — When plugged into a property’s sewage or septic system, the used grey water follows the same lines as toilet/black water. Otherwise grey water may get released immediately to nearby, agreed-upon grounds. Mobile tinies may also install a grey water tank, later emptied at an RV disposal or other site.

Our take? With planning, hot and cold water are a reality for your little home.

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