video touring the tiniest houses

The smallest tiny houses are on wheels, built for longevity and licensed as RVs. With increasing demand for part-time or full-time living, we think it’s useful to see the tinies. Some full-timers have open their doors and you may watch videos below. Afterwards, also take a look at two tiny house documentaries.

Art Cormier:  House behind his business

Art is a Louisiana lifer, who brought building skills and reclaimed cypress, oak and pine to make a special home. He used SIPs rather than traditional stick (wood frame) built walls here, which is unusual. The best decision by far? Art lives right next to his business, a large climbing gym.

For a high-speed version of Art’s morning rituals and commute, watch this video that features a non-explicit shower scene. Also read more about his home and southern heritage here. And check out Art’s climbing prowess in a chair traverse video.

Ella Jenkins:  Time for art and music pursuits

Ella graduated from college, knowing that she wanted to take control of her life and pursue her artistic muses. She built her home, called Little Yellow, with a country cottage appeal. Inside are branches for jewelry and copper touches everywhere. Her harp also sits in a separate back room.

Since this video, Ella moved her home to the Northern California coast and lives well with her boyfriend, dog, harp, banjo and guitar. See glamor shots from a Sierra Club article, an updated video tour, and Ella’s music video that’s not to be missed.

Dee Williams:  Pioneer triggered by health scare

Ten years ago, Dee lived in a cute Portland (OR) home that took all her time and money. She thought she was happy until having congestive heart failure at age 40. After visiting Guatemala and learning about tiny living, she built her own home and currently lives in an Olympia (WA) backyard.

Tiny houses have become Dee’s life, and she helps others via Portland Alternative Dwellings (PAD). Watch Dee’s “day in the life” video and profound TedX talk. She also wrote The Big Tiny, which shares insights about time, nature and more community.

Tiny Houses: Two Documentaries

We The Tiny House People documents people living in tiny houses and small apartments, while sharing pros and cons. Filmmaker Kirsten Dirksen meets them in Northern California, New York City, Hawaii, Idaho and Europe. She’s hopeful about paring excess living space, though leaves the future uncertain.

Filmmakers Christopher Smith and Merete Mueller crowd-funded TINY and it became a film festival darling. This documentary not only follows Christopher’s build but also seeks out tiny house influencers. The film trailer is shown above, and a complete DVD or stream may be purchased here.

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