welcome to downsized joy

Over the past few years, there’s been an attraction to downsized and diminutive living spaces. Many reasons exist for this trend, including lifestyle goals. Doesn’t this bungalow beckon you?

Tiny House On Wheels

Relax in this Tumbleweed Linden bungalow, which is open, comfortable and has cooking and bathroom facilities. (tumbleweedhouses.com)

Yet today there’s a gap between what people want to do and their sense of whether it’s doable. Tiny homes are here to stay, whether built on wheels or foundations, and they answer needs for very nice living space!

We are going to help you figure how to start planning for one of these cuties, whether you buy it, have someone build it or, if so inclined, even build one.

Our tiny house joy extends beyond having a structure. It takes planning and ideas to figure out what to do with tiny spaces. They say a lot about you — and what’s important in your life too.

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